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4/26/24 Rumi's Precious Reminder Play
7/14/23 Perhaps the Most Precious Pearl Play
2/17/23 About Enlightenment Play
11/20/22 The Path of Seeing Play
9/6/22 The Wisdom Of Personal Contradiction Play
7/17/22 Rumi's Description of Lazy Sufis Play
7/5/22 The Water of Divine Awareness Play
5/8/22 Oh, The Earth and the Sky! Play
9/6/21 The Practice of Zikr According To Muhammad Parsa Play
8/15/21 The Metaphor Is The Bridge To Reality Play
8/1/21 Unedited Talk about the Awareness of Divine Unity and Existence Play
12/16/20 Abdul Hayy Reads from 'The Spy of the Heart Play
4/17/20 The Wine of Liberation Play
3/27/20 What We Thought We Had Play
2/23/20 A Poem by Abdul Hayy (Circa 2002) Play
2/9/20 The Wondrous Elixir Play
12/15/19 A Short Reminder Play
7/28/19 A Casual Examination Of Various Meditative Practices Play
6/16/19 The Color of Unification Play
4/14/19 About Witnessing the Divine Presence Play
3/17/19 When Oneself Is A Hell Play
1/20/19 The Radiant Flask of Light Play